The Investment Dilema

The Investment Dilema

Investments are a necessity for Survival, Success and Significance (I like to refer to these 3 S’s as the three levels of living). There’s an age old saying that goes thus: “the time to plant, and the time to harvest that which has been planted will never cease”. Nothing could be more true!

As long as we remain alive on this earth, there will be investments made and there will be returns on investments made; that is the cycle of life and it is what keeps it going. Last week, I talked about how investment is the reason why we hurt so much when we suffer loss and it’s true. An investment of your time, resources and effort towards a person or a cause is what makes you hurt so much when you lose him/her/it and this is because you have poured out of what you are into that person or cause. You have planted a seed and now you have no harvest to gather; you’re in deficit (I guess that’s why it’s called loss by the way…hmm) and trust me, that hurts like…

Point to note: The level of investment made determines your level of connection to that person or cause; and this is what sets the level on your ‘pain-o-meter’ when the loss occurs.

Just like the food example I gave last week, you cannot decide to stop investing in life simply because you fear what might happen if you reap loss. A farmer who decides not to plant or rear livestock because he/she fears that he/she will suffer loss can hardly be called a farmer. Not only will such a farmer struggle to survive but he/she will also never succeed and will never get the fulfillment of living a life of true significance.

Survival, Success and Significance are the three levels of living that apply not only to leaders but to every individual alive; and in order for us to experience a well-rounded life on these three levels, investment is a must. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but we cannot afford not to invest because of the fear that we might lose some. A farmer knows that not all the seeds he/she plants in one season will produce a bountiful harvest but that does not stop him/her from diligently planting from one season to the next. The only reason he/she is called a farmer is because of the regular investments made. The only reason you are who you claim to be or who your role defines you as; is because of your investments. A director, a manager, a mother, a farmer, a teacher, a father, a pastor, you name it; all of these roles exist because of the investments made on a regular basis.

Loss should not stop you from constantly investing, neither should disappointments nor rejection; for when you stop investing in any area of your life, you stop any chance of reaping a harvest in that area of your life. You might not have all you want right now or you might have lost someone or something of great importance to you. Whatever the case might be, you still have seeds to sow, you’re never at that point where you cannot invest something. Whatever position you are in right now is an opportunity to invest. Invest in: your business, your spouse, your children, your mentees, your team members, your congregation, your clients, your customers, your students, etc., and keep the cycle of life going. The seeds you sow today will be your abundant harvest tomorrow. In order words, the investments you make today, will be the profits you enjoy tomorrow.

Now that you know this about investment, you can either choose to cower in fear, refuse to invest and live a frustrating mediocre life; or you can step out in courage, consistently invest and predominantly enjoy a successful and meaningful life. The choice is yours!!!

Until next time, continue to

Lead right and Live light


Stone Cold

Stone Cold

Just about everything that happens in life–with regards to humans–is a product of the activities of the mind/heart. Leaders are definitely no exception to this rule. In truth if anything, leaders should be more aware of this.
Most leaders have developed a stone cold and insensitive heart/mind that they no longer realise that human beings are at the center of all they do; both as employees and/or partners, or as customers/clients.
They know the vast majority of widely accepted leadership laws, policies, theories and all what-nots (they probably even wrote some of them). They even talk the leadership talk and move in desirable circles but the insensitivity of their heart has slowly but surely blinded them to the true purpose of leadership and the value it adds to all involved.
We have–most often than not–fallen prey to things like this at one time or the other;
– We protect our own interest at all cost with no consideration whatsoever for anything or anyone else.
– We’ll say and do anything provided it gets us into certain circles and fattens our wallets and/or bank accounts.
– We’ll mindlessly throw sound values and standards out the door for recognition.
We’ve all had times when we’ve made mistakes like this on a small or large scale; intentionally or unintentionally.
We’ve gotten used to saying the widely acceptable things that we’ve lost sight of what is sound and sustainable. We’ve let our hearts/minds become stone cold and insensitive that it has lost the warmth that is needed to add value to lives and improve situations.
Believe it or not, you cannot be a worthy leader if you lack warmth. You can’t be frozen cold within and expect to be sound without; leadership does not work that way because it involves people. If you want to add any bit of value to people’s lives or get them them to work with you willingly then you must lead from a heart of warmth.

Make a decision today to lead from a heart of warmth. Make your group/organisation/institution a productive place that steadily improves and advances.
If you discover you are not producing the kind of results you desire, check the condition of your heart/mind and be willing to adapt your perception and behaviour; I’m willing to help.

*Most individuals believe warmth has no place in leadership; very untrue.
Here’s the truth: Leadership has no value and serves no true purpose without warmth*

Lead right and Live light


Work your Magic!

Work your Magic!

You’ve been given an opportunity; work your magic on it and turn it into something beautiful.

Leadership is an opportunity. An opportunity to show up and be relevant; an opportunity to improve yourself and those you lead; an opportunity to develop yourself and others; an opportunity to serve; an opportunity to transform challenges into results!

A leader is not an opportunist. Not an opportunist who shows up only to hustle others; not an opportunist who seeks to improve himself/herself at the expense of others; not an opportunist who is a chancer and a bottom feeder; not an opportunist who is domineering; not an opportunist who is a timeserver!

There is a really fat line between making use of an available opportunity and making yourself available only to be a user at the slightest opportunity. Making use of an opportunity causes you to work at bringing a transformation, not only to yourself but to someone else too. The latter however, makes you an opportunist.

Choose today to become a leader who uses his/her skills and qualities to improve the lives of others; for by doing so, you improve your own life as well. Determine within yourself to bring beauty into the environment where you lead. Use the qualities and the resources available to you (yours and that of your team) to produce outcomes of excellence, admiration and merit.

A transformation is what your organisation/business/institution/group/home needs, NOT a conformation!

Until next time, keep working your magic and keep transforming your sphere of influence into somewhere remarkable and extraordinary.

Stay blessed;