The Investment Dilema

The Investment Dilema

Investments are a necessity for Survival, Success and Significance (I like to refer to these 3 S’s as the three levels of living). There’s an age old saying that goes thus: “the time to plant, and the time to harvest that which has been planted will never cease”. Nothing could be more true!

As long as we remain alive on this earth, there will be investments made and there will be returns on investments made; that is the cycle of life and it is what keeps it going. Last week, I talked about how investment is the reason why we hurt so much when we suffer loss and it’s true. An investment of your time, resources and effort towards a person or a cause is what makes you hurt so much when you lose him/her/it and this is because you have poured out of what you are into that person or cause. You have planted a seed and now you have no harvest to gather; you’re in deficit (I guess that’s why it’s called loss by the way…hmm) and trust me, that hurts like…

Point to note: The level of investment made determines your level of connection to that person or cause; and this is what sets the level on your ‘pain-o-meter’ when the loss occurs.

Just like the food example I gave last week, you cannot decide to stop investing in life simply because you fear what might happen if you reap loss. A farmer who decides not to plant or rear livestock because he/she fears that he/she will suffer loss can hardly be called a farmer. Not only will such a farmer struggle to survive but he/she will also never succeed and will never get the fulfillment of living a life of true significance.

Survival, Success and Significance are the three levels of living that apply not only to leaders but to every individual alive; and in order for us to experience a well-rounded life on these three levels, investment is a must. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but we cannot afford not to invest because of the fear that we might lose some. A farmer knows that not all the seeds he/she plants in one season will produce a bountiful harvest but that does not stop him/her from diligently planting from one season to the next. The only reason he/she is called a farmer is because of the regular investments made. The only reason you are who you claim to be or who your role defines you as; is because of your investments. A director, a manager, a mother, a farmer, a teacher, a father, a pastor, you name it; all of these roles exist because of the investments made on a regular basis.

Loss should not stop you from constantly investing, neither should disappointments nor rejection; for when you stop investing in any area of your life, you stop any chance of reaping a harvest in that area of your life. You might not have all you want right now or you might have lost someone or something of great importance to you. Whatever the case might be, you still have seeds to sow, you’re never at that point where you cannot invest something. Whatever position you are in right now is an opportunity to invest. Invest in: your business, your spouse, your children, your mentees, your team members, your congregation, your clients, your customers, your students, etc., and keep the cycle of life going. The seeds you sow today will be your abundant harvest tomorrow. In order words, the investments you make today, will be the profits you enjoy tomorrow.

Now that you know this about investment, you can either choose to cower in fear, refuse to invest and live a frustrating mediocre life; or you can step out in courage, consistently invest and predominantly enjoy a successful and meaningful life. The choice is yours!!!

Until next time, continue to

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Dealing With Loss (cont’d. )

Dealing With Loss (cont’d. )

…I really couldn’t believe it; I must have really heard wrong. Oh how much I so wanted that to be true.
A couple of heart wrenching days later, the news was still the same; mum was really gone! Never to be seen alive on this side of life ever again!
Then it dawned on me: I’ll never be able to hear her voice again or feel her hug me or hold my hands ever again.
“How could life be this unfair?”
“What happens now?”
“What do I do?”
These thoughts and numerous other thoughts flooded my mind and I had nothing close to an answer for any of those questions.
I’d never been more devastated in my whole life, this has got to be the greatest loss I’ve ever suffered and the most heart broken I’d ever been.
“Life has really dealt me a big blow”, I thought to myself; “how can life be so cruel”?
The very period that should mark a milestone for me and that should be celebrated (i.e. publishing my e-book) has found itself sharing a time slot with a period of great pain and sorrow (the passing away of my mum).
This wasn’t going to be an easy time and it sure didn’t look like it was going to go away because I wanted it to or because it didn’t feel right.
One thing was crystal clear: It was really happening! It wasn’t a bad dream; it happened and in real time too.
This was the moment of truth and I knew I had to accept it and figure out how to live with it.

As individuals, loss has found its way into our lives either spiritually, physically, financially, socially, health wise or the loss of a dear one.
With every loss, you feel like a part of you has been chipped away. The more close to home the loss is, the bigger the chunk it seems to take from you.

I’ll tell you why that happens in my next post.

Have you ever found yourself on the cusp of an exciting achievement, only to be ‘hit’ by something completely opposite?
What was it?
What did you do?
Please feel free to share those moments in the comment section below.

Until next time, keep

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Dealing With Loss

Dealing With Loss

What an eventful summer holiday this has been for me!
I would very much like to go into all the details of what happened but I’d rather not. I will however offer somewhat of a summary of what happened.
In as much as I talk mostly about professional issues, I am very much aware that without the individual you and I; there would be little or no foundation for the professional ‘us’. The events of this summer is proof of this truth.
The summer holiday started on a happy note with the kids breaking off from school and we all planning some rather exciting things to do over the holidays. I was also quite pleased with myself as I was going to be publishing my first ever e-book. As far as I knew, I had a pretty eventful and quite interesting few weeks coming up…or so I hoped.
My e-book was due out a few months before it finally got published and my mum made it her duty to remind me–every chance she got–to get it published. Just to mention, my mum and I were really close and she’s always been very supportive.
I finally published the e-book late in July and called my mum up to let her know once it was available on amazon. As you can imagine, she was delighted for me, we chatted and both hung up. The very next day or so, I got a call from my sister that my mum was taken to the hospital because she felt faint. To cut the long story short, my mum died a week later.
Words could not describe what and how I felt when I got the news.
It was like the world around me stood still yet it spiralled in a very violent motion. I could not believe it, it couldn’t be happening. Just like that?
I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the shock and mixed emotions I felt at that moment. I knew what I heard but I wanted so much to have heard wrong…

I’ll continue from here next week.

Lead right and Live light


P.S. Have you ever lost someone so dear to you or something that meant a lot to you?
Please feel free to share your experiences below.

“Are You Congruent?”

“Are You Congruent?”

It’s a funny question, isn’t it?  Congruent.  Now, I’m not talking geometry here. I’m talking about a concept that originally came from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing). 

In NLP, congruence is a name for that state in which every fiber of your being is in agreement.

According to Merriam-Webster, another definition of congruent is “being in agreement, harmony, or correspondence.”  

The way I use the word congruent, with clients, is to ask:

When you look at your day-to-day life, are you allocating your time and energy in a way that is congruent with your deepest priorities and values?

Too often, we “say” that certain things are important to us – and perhaps they truly are – but when we look, we find we spend countless hours and significant effort in arenas that are not the essential ones, often neglecting the exact areas that we claim are most vital!

Take, for example:

• The Entrepreneur who is so burdened with “doing it all” that she hasn’t read a book, or picked up her violin, or made a date to visit Dad in months…

• The Consultant and Mother who, between juggling clients, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and keeping the house just can’t squeeze in any extra time for exercise…

• The Executive who claims that quality time with his wife and children is his greatest joy, but who spends countless hours at the office, regularly encroaching on evening and weekend time…

It is so easy to lose sight of our own priorities. It feels like we must rush from this to that or else something terribly significant will fall through the cracks.  I call this the “tyranny of the seemingly urgent.” 

Granted, life is often busy and some things are truly urgent and critical. But there are also those seductive time-stealers that seem urgent, but are actually relatively unimportant, that is, they rob us of the time to attend to our more heartfelt values.


When we live from the position of “as soon as” – 

“As soon as I finish all the things on my list, then I’ll find time to …” 

– we ensure our own failure!  “As soon as” never comes.

So… if you were on your deathbed, looking back at your life, would you say that you are living in congruence with what was most deeply important to you?  What will you wish you had attended to, made time for, learned, accomplished?

It’s time to stop. Reassess.  Take your life by the reins.  Say no.  Say yes.  All in service to being congruent. 

I invite you to just move into an “observer” mode.  For a few weeks, just watch.  How are you spending your time?  Allocating your energy?  If life were over tomorrow, would you say that you had been living congruently with your highest priorities and values?   

If not, begin making change.  Start with one simple adjustment each week until the new “balance” is set… and just watch the rewards!

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3 Fundamental Elements for a Secure Organisation

3 Fundamental Elements for a Secure Organisation

Kindness, Honesty and Fairness are elements needed to produce a dependable, firm and assured organisation (i.e. Kindness + Honesty + Fairness = Secure organisation).

An organisation (group, enterprise or institution) that is not secure is a slack organisation with the potential to gradually head downwards.

Every worthy leader understands the importance of security and the role that it plays in the: growth, development, efficiency and productivity of an organisation.

The above knowledge leads me to this question: If having a secure organisation is that important and leaders (well…some) are well aware of its importance, why then is it somewhat of a struggle to produce dependable, firm and engaging organisations?

Excerpt from my upcoming book:

Leadership Maxims……….Sound Principles for Leadership Excellence

The answer to the above question and insights into more truths and leadership realities can be found in my upcoming book; Leadership Maxims.

Leadership Maxims Book Cover

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2 Fundamental Elements to Becoming and Staying Prosperous

2 Fundamental Elements to Becoming and Staying Prosperous

Prosperity is an unspoken but deep desire of leaders. Every leader wants to flourish, do well, succeed, thrive and be profitable.

But here’s the thing; leaders work in different environments, they occupy diverse positions and carry out various functions. This could make it a bit tricky to actually come up with a ‘blue print’ for all leaders that will ensure their prosperity–or could it? Rather than go through every individual industry, business, institution, character model and what-nots; I’ll give you 2 fundamentals that any leader can apply in any environment in order to do well, succeed, thrive, flourish and be profitable. They are:

1. Prioritise – Make your values, principles and precepts your top priority and always keep them within reach. Let them be a reference mark and a filter point that helps to determine the kind of information you let in and the actions you take. Apply your mind to acquire information that aligns with your values, principles and precepts. Learn to prioritise your goals, your tasks and your daily activities. Prioritising helps you to function efficiently, gives more clarity and provides a well-defined structure for operation. Whatever your functions are as a leader, prioritising is your first step to being prosperous.

2. Ponder – Keep your values, principles, precepts and goals in your mind. Think about them carefully, consider them thoughtfully and weigh them thoroughly. Everything you are and now have, first existed in the mind: your behaviour, your organisation, your family, your business, your property, your products, your services, etc. The more you meditate on something, the more real it becomes. Pondering on who you want to become and what you want to achieve is a sure-fire way to become prosperous.

Start applying these fundamental elements in your personal and professional life today so that you can start to flourish, thrive and become more profitable with every passing day!

Lead right and Live light


My Perception of Leadership

My Perception of Leadership

Position and Function!

The two main things that define who we are in relation to what we do–and leadership is no exception. Your position and your function gives you an identity; it places a demand on you and compels you to supply something towards the growth and/or advancement of something/someone. When you understand position and function, you will become really successful at effectively managing people and situations (which is really what leadership involves).

There is indeed far more to leadership than just practices and policies. Leadership is a choice; a choice to influence people and situations positively, a choice to be a giver and a choice to build relationships.

Leadership is not a role for you to practice in your spare time; it is not an item of clothing that you put on and take off at will, neither is it a short cut to power, money and/or fame. It is a realistic and practical aspect of life; one that involves human lives and life-changing situations. In my years of learning (personal, professional and educational), research, mentoring and coaching; I have found that leadership has some recurring patterns that are vital for effective functionality. There are definitely other patterns but I have found that these 5 listed below are dominant and serve as the source for others. The 5 patterns are:

  1. Direction
  2. Relationship
  3. Strength
  4. Courage
  5. Communication

These five patterns–in my opinion–helps a leader to become competent enough to effectively manage people and situations. These patterns are ever-present in your day-to-day functions as a leader and your ability to understand them and also understand how to make them work for you will be a huge benefit to you. It will save you time, effort and resources; as well as prevent strain and chaos.

Until next time continue to;

Lead right and Live light