7 Reasons Why You’re Not Making That Big Leap

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Making That Big Leap

Why do people hold back? Why do people shy away from taking up front line positions? Why is it that someone who fits a role (in terms of skills and character) holds back on going for it while a less qualified person goes for it and gets it? Why is it that the passionate and sensible ones get easily side-lined while the lack lustre and brash ones easily get noticed. Why does a student in class who knows the answer to a question never raise his/her hand to say it, while others who are not so bright make unpleasant remarks and are quick to raise their hands and shout it out–in total disrespect to their teacher and classmates?

Belief Systems and Fear, that’s what!

The belief systems you’ve given life to and the fears that have lived with you for a while are the two things that keep you where you are; and that’s what is making you hold back.

Here is a list I’ve made of 7 belief systems and fears:

  1. Fear that you might not meet expectations.
  2. Fear of a negative recurrence.
  3. Fear of being a crutch to others and you can’t deal with the pressure.
  4. Sociological, geographical and cultural peer pressure
  5. Low self-esteem based on stuff you’ve heard and seen within your environment
  6. Trying so hard to maintain status quo
  7. Fear that you might have an exposed life rather than a private life, bringing your vulnerabilities to ‘light’.
In my personal and professional experience, these are the major reasons people with real value to offer hold back from being seen or heard. Maybe just one applies to you or it might even be more. Whatever the case might be, seek help and support.
Don’t sell yourself short by ‘pitching your tent’ where you are now. Don’t hide away and stay buried, never to be seen or heard. If you’ve got something, decide today to use it for the benefit of those around you and for your own growth.
Remember; anything that you do not use will become stunted and will eventually die.
To your growth and well-being

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