Dealing With Loss (cont’d. )

Dealing With Loss (cont’d. )

…I really couldn’t believe it; I must have really heard wrong. Oh how much I so wanted that to be true.
A couple of heart wrenching days later, the news was still the same; mum was really gone! Never to be seen alive on this side of life ever again!
Then it dawned on me: I’ll never be able to hear her voice again or feel her hug me or hold my hands ever again.
“How could life be this unfair?”
“What happens now?”
“What do I do?”
These thoughts and numerous other thoughts flooded my mind and I had nothing close to an answer for any of those questions.
I’d never been more devastated in my whole life, this has got to be the greatest loss I’ve ever suffered and the most heart broken I’d ever been.
“Life has really dealt me a big blow”, I thought to myself; “how can life be so cruel”?
The very period that should mark a milestone for me and that should be celebrated (i.e. publishing my e-book) has found itself sharing a time slot with a period of great pain and sorrow (the passing away of my mum).
This wasn’t going to be an easy time and it sure didn’t look like it was going to go away because I wanted it to or because it didn’t feel right.
One thing was crystal clear: It was really happening! It wasn’t a bad dream; it happened and in real time too.
This was the moment of truth and I knew I had to accept it and figure out how to live with it.

As individuals, loss has found its way into our lives either spiritually, physically, financially, socially, health wise or the loss of a dear one.
With every loss, you feel like a part of you has been chipped away. The more close to home the loss is, the bigger the chunk it seems to take from you.

I’ll tell you why that happens in my next post.

Have you ever found yourself on the cusp of an exciting achievement, only to be ‘hit’ by something completely opposite?
What was it?
What did you do?
Please feel free to share those moments in the comment section below.

Until next time, keep

Leading right and Living light


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