Dealing With Loss

Dealing With Loss

What an eventful summer holiday this has been for me!
I would very much like to go into all the details of what happened but I’d rather not. I will however offer somewhat of a summary of what happened.
In as much as I talk mostly about professional issues, I am very much aware that without the individual you and I; there would be little or no foundation for the professional ‘us’. The events of this summer is proof of this truth.
The summer holiday started on a happy note with the kids breaking off from school and we all planning some rather exciting things to do over the holidays. I was also quite pleased with myself as I was going to be publishing my first ever e-book. As far as I knew, I had a pretty eventful and quite interesting few weeks coming up…or so I hoped.
My e-book was due out a few months before it finally got published and my mum made it her duty to remind me–every chance she got–to get it published. Just to mention, my mum and I were really close and she’s always been very supportive.
I finally published the e-book late in July and called my mum up to let her know once it was available on amazon. As you can imagine, she was delighted for me, we chatted and both hung up. The very next day or so, I got a call from my sister that my mum was taken to the hospital because she felt faint. To cut the long story short, my mum died a week later.
Words could not describe what and how I felt when I got the news.
It was like the world around me stood still yet it spiralled in a very violent motion. I could not believe it, it couldn’t be happening. Just like that?
I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the shock and mixed emotions I felt at that moment. I knew what I heard but I wanted so much to have heard wrong…

I’ll continue from here next week.

Lead right and Live light


P.S. Have you ever lost someone so dear to you or something that meant a lot to you?
Please feel free to share your experiences below.

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Loss

  1. Dear Bel,mourning the loss of mum is the worst occurrence of my entire existence.
    I feel deadened,like the weight of the world is upon me.
    Life is just not fair,I move around the house to hear her voice again an then I realize she is actually gone.

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