Time Out

Hi there everyone; it’s been such an eventful couple of weeks for me. I’ve had my highs and my downright lows. As you might have noticed, I’ve missed a few posts and I sincerely do apologise for that.
I’ve just experienced the loss of an amazing and inspirational family member and it’s hit me pretty hard, hence my going AWOL.
I’ll be away for a short while and I think it’s only fair that I make you all aware of this.
Life truly is fragile and like my sister concluded: “life is just like a sheet of paper”.
However, I believe every thing we experience works together to form who we become. We can only hope for–and work towards–the best outcomes possible from our challenges and experiences. So far, I’ve learnt the value of the term comfort. It really is an essential factor that mostly the grieving understand and appreciate.
Take care everyone and continue to;

Lead right and Live light