Stone Cold

Stone Cold

Just about everything that happens in life–with regards to humans–is a product of the activities of the mind/heart. Leaders are definitely no exception to this rule. In truth if anything, leaders should be more aware of this.
Most leaders have developed a stone cold and insensitive heart/mind that they no longer realise that human beings are at the center of all they do; both as employees and/or partners, or as customers/clients.
They know the vast majority of widely accepted leadership laws, policies, theories and all what-nots (they probably even wrote some of them). They even talk the leadership talk and move in desirable circles but the insensitivity of their heart has slowly but surely blinded them to the true purpose of leadership and the value it adds to all involved.
We have–most often than not–fallen prey to things like this at one time or the other;
– We protect our own interest at all cost with no consideration whatsoever for anything or anyone else.
– We’ll say and do anything provided it gets us into certain circles and fattens our wallets and/or bank accounts.
– We’ll mindlessly throw sound values and standards out the door for recognition.
We’ve all had times when we’ve made mistakes like this on a small or large scale; intentionally or unintentionally.
We’ve gotten used to saying the widely acceptable things that we’ve lost sight of what is sound and sustainable. We’ve let our hearts/minds become stone cold and insensitive that it has lost the warmth that is needed to add value to lives and improve situations.
Believe it or not, you cannot be a worthy leader if you lack warmth. You can’t be frozen cold within and expect to be sound without; leadership does not work that way because it involves people. If you want to add any bit of value to people’s lives or get them them to work with you willingly then you must lead from a heart of warmth.

Make a decision today to lead from a heart of warmth. Make your group/organisation/institution a productive place that steadily improves and advances.
If you discover you are not producing the kind of results you desire, check the condition of your heart/mind and be willing to adapt your perception and behaviour; I’m willing to help.

*Most individuals believe warmth has no place in leadership; very untrue.
Here’s the truth: Leadership has no value and serves no true purpose without warmth*

Lead right and Live light


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