Are you steadily improving?

Are you steadily improving?

Where purpose is retained in the memory and kept before one’s eyes, efficiency and productivity is achieved and steadily improved

Excerpt from Leadership Maxims…Sound Principles for Leadership Excellence

Productivity; the ability to create something or to cause something beneficial and useful to exist.
Efficiency; the ability to avoid waste and still produce great results.
These two qualities are very important to leaders and practically every leader I know (including myself) needs these two qualities in order for them to remain successful and to survive.
In order for any business/organisation to exist beyond its formation stage, productivity is essential because therein lies the ability of your business/organisation to increase and thrive.
Waste is a factor that is often overlooked by most leaders; yet it is–most often than not– the underlying reason behind most issues of unproductivity and/or stagnancy. The issue of waste and its corresponding effect is more pronounced in the attitude surrounding waste. This attitude is what gives ‘birth’ to recurrent decline and/or loss.
How can efficiency and productivity be achieved and steadily improved?
Purpose, that’s how.
When you know your why, your what and how will become clearer to you. The more sound your why is, the more honourable your what and how will be.
Never underestimate the power of purpose because therein lies the definition and quality of your personal and professional life.
Decide today to have a sound purpose. Set out a date, time and place (A quiet, reflective place would be appropriate) to really give some thought to your purpose (both personally and professionally).
Don’t stop at just thinking about it; take a step further and write it down.
Keep it in a place where you have frequent access to it.
Flood your thoughts with it (think about it all the time).
In due time, your actions will become aligned with your purpose and you’ll begin to enjoy progressive great outcomes.

To your productivity and efficiency;


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