When Success is not Enough

When Success is not Enough

Every leader experiences challenges and complexities at some point in their life. These difficult times usually come to test and shake you and you might experience it: emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, professionally, politically, socially, etc. Whatever area of your life it may affect, the underlying truth is usually this: it will test your solidity and/or stability.
Challenges or complex situations have no regard for status or class. It visits the poor as well as the rich, it presents itself to the weak as well as to the strong, it dines with the simple as well as with the intellectual.
At times like this, success is not the main goal; the main goal is survival!
Learning to survive is essential in life and leadership. Becoming a survivor will prolong your existence and functionality in your various roles.
In order for you to survive through difficult situations, one thing is key. This key thing is what will help you deal efficiently with recurrent challenges. It is not a formula or a technique; neither is it a magic wand or potion to make challenges and complexities disappear completely.
It is a simple process which when consciously observed, will potentially change your attitude and response to difficult situations. It could also be the determinant of you adopting a stable or volatile stance.
So, what is this key thing? It’s Experience!
Most often than not, we mindlessly go through difficult situations without deliberately and consciously noting what we went through, how we went through it and what we did to get through it.
Being mindful of these things develops you and helps you become better at handling challenges and also innovative in managing them.
The more conscious you are of what you go through, the more deliberate you’ll be in recognising when challenges are rearing their heads and this will potentially make you more adept at managing them efficiently. The more you do this, the more experienced you’ll be and your life (and those within your sphere of influence) will be better for it.
Experience really is the key to surviving recurrent challenges. It helps you become innovative and creative in securing yourself and your assets when challenges come.
Never ignore your instinct to survive because therein lies the will and motivation for success.
Remember this: keep yourself protected and aim to survive with little or no loss and/or damage.

To your Survival and Success,


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