Sales Technique

Sales Technique

Hello everyone, I believe you had a really good weekend.
Something really interesting happened last week and I want to share it with you today. Something that had the potential to cause me to make–now in hindsight–an unwise business decision.
I’ve had similar encounters previously but this last one has brought my attention to how damaging this kind of practice really is.
I got a call last week about something I had inquired about which was advertised as being very advantageous and highly relevant to the growth of my business. I naturally want to grow my business so I thought: “yeah, why not”.
I got a call a few days later in response to my enquiry and this was when the whole drama started.
To cut the long story short, the experience was one of initial courtesy, then hard selling and thereafter; manipulation, forceful money requests and what I considered sheer arrogance. The caller went on to tell me how highly successful he is as a business leader, the titles he had to his name and how there must be something really wrong with me if I did not release any cash on the spot. All this just because I said I needed to think about it before making a decision.
I went from initial excitement to slightly questioning myself and then to being appalled.
Don’t get me wrong; marketing and sales are necessary for businesses to grow and survive and there is absolutely no doubt about that but that doesn’t mean one has to exploit or demean others just so that one can get people to part with their money fast. When you have to shamelessly manipulate someone into handing something over to you in a flash then you are being deceptive.
This seems to be a growing trend and a lot of people are paying huge amounts of money to be taught chicanery and dishonesty.
As a business owner, here’s my advice to fellow business owners, leaders and the like: keep your motives in check and adopt a honest business culture. Stay well away from trickery, exploitation and manipulation because it has a way of coming back to bite you and could potentially keep you in a ‘hamster-in-a-wheel’ state.
Make a decision today to put an end to this cancerous growth of greed that is producing ruthless business leaders who relentlessly prey on others; causing more harm than good.
Develop a practice of honesty instead and be guided by positive motives; this will greatly influence the attitude of your ‘people’ by gaining you more trust and respect from them.

Businesses are good and they are meant to: serve people, improve their quality of life and provide supply where there is a demand. Let your motives stay aligned with this.

Until next time,

Lead right and Live light

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