Say goodbye to Hefty Fines and Court Cases

Say goodbye to Hefty Fines and Court Cases

Hello everyone, I believe you’ve had a very good weekend and that you are ready and raring to go into this new week with purpose and drive.
Last week, I talked about 4 things that you could do in order to avoid bad publicity; I believe you’ll keep that information close to heart.
I also promised that this week, I would be sharing 2 major things you could do in order to avoid strife, hefty fines and  court cases; so here goes.
1. Be willing and ready to settle any grudges and make things right with people.
As much as you might not want to do this, it is expedient that you do it. I’ll show you 3 things that will help you make this happen:
– Be honest;
Let’s say for example you owe some money due for rent or bills, be honest with your creditors about your inability to pay the lump sum.
– Find out what options are available to you in terms of paying what you owe (in the case of the example above); in general terms, weigh your options.
– In the unfortunate case that your creditor or the other party seems uncooperative, seek appropriate advice as to what steps to take in order to resolve the issue peacefully; a negotiator might also help to move things along nicely.
2. Be willing and ready to make the first move if you have to.
The other person might have a track record of trouble making, so don’t leave it to him/her. Involve a mediator if you feel that you’d rather not face it alone.
These ‘codes of conduct’ might seem like a challenging stance to adopt but it will keep you from strife, fights, court cases, hefty fines and maybe even arrests.
Whether you are a large, medium sized or small business; whether or not the pending issue is domestic, social or business related; these two ‘codes of conduct’ will help you resolve issues with minimal or no disruption to your life and business. More importantly, it will protect your reputation and save you from an outburst of stressful episodes. Save yourself the money, time and heartache of going through numerous proceedings and/or tumultuous motions for issues that could have been resolved calmly and rationally.
It takes a shorter time to generate more finances than it takes to rebuild a damaged reputation; ponder this.

Until next time continue to;

Lead right and Live light


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