How to Protect yourself from Bad Publicity

How to Protect yourself from Bad Publicity

Hi there everyone. Before anything else, I want to say a big thank you to all who have shown and expressed their appreciation for the value that my posts have added to them these past few weeks; I’m honoured to be a part of your journey.
Today, I’ll be giving you a few pointers on how to protect yourself from bad publicity.
As leaders, the one thing that rings true for most of us–regardless of the leadership level–is that our lives are no longer as private as it was before we took up our roles as leaders. Each one of you have now taken a step further into the ‘public eye’ and it’s only wise that you know what to do to protect yourself from unecessary commotion and negative publicity.
Rather than give a speech about them, I’ll list them out so that it’s easier for you to read, retain and recall.

1. Don’t lash out in anger with no cause.
2. Don’t carelessly scream out profanity at people.
3. Don’t thoughtlessly call people names.
4. Don’t use your anger as an opportunity for revenge.

As simple as this list might be, it could be your ‘court-free’ card. I really need you to take this seriously because this affects not just your position as a leader but your life in general.
Save yourself the stress and resources of repairing the damage that would occur if you ignore this list.
In my experience (professional and otherwise), I have found that what usually ‘tips the ship’ for leaders is usually something little–when viewed in the context of your leadership status and how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are now.
So please before you let loose on someone who is really ‘driving you up the wall’, read this list above and deliberately retain it so that you’ll be able to recall it when you’re faced with a potentially explosive situation.

In my next post, I’ll be showing you 2 ways you can avoid hefty fines, strife and unecessary court cases.

Until next time

Lead right and Live light


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