The Achilles’ Heel of Leaders

The Achilles’ Heel of Leaders

Hello everyone and a heartfelt welcome to those who have just joined our community; I feel honoured to have you join us.
I started on Seasoned Leadership last week and gave an overview on it. Today I’ll be talking about the main thing that steered me in the direction of creating it. In order words, why Seasoned Leadership?
Reputation! This is the overarching reason behind it. I honestly believe that leaders are intelligent and hardworking people who are full of strength and passion. However, the one thing that can bring them down quicker than you can comprehend is an unsound reputation and this is their ‘achilles’ heel’. Establish a sound reputation and secure it, and you find your life and leadership will be much more satisfying and fulfilling but do otherwise and watch everything you’ve worked so hard for, slowly slip away.
In my opinion, your reputation should mean a great deal to you as a leader. It is the sum total of who you are and what you do. It is what causes people to  trust you and follow you. It is what makes people feel secure and willing to work with you. It is what makes you proud of who you are and what you have achieved. It is what summarises your effectiveness as a leader.
Your reputation can either be your achilles’ heel or your greatest asset; the choice is yours. Your willingness to establish and secure a sound reputation will make the difference as to how well your reputation will serve you.

Until next time,

Lead right and Live light


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