Moving with the Times?

Moving with the Times?

What exactly does this even mean when applied to leadership? How do you move with the times without dis-stabilising the very foundation and essence of your leadership?

For those who do not have depth in their leadership, this might not make much sense to you but for those leaders who do have depth and a stable foundation upon which they have built their leadership on, this will make truckloads of sense to you.

In my opinion, the idea of even creating ‘the times’ is in order to keep things new and fresh; the reason why one thing is in season today and then becomes obsolete the next is because things need to be kept appealing and less complex. The issue with this when applied to leadership is this: It gets tiring when you have to keep changing just to fit into a mould of what’s in and what’s not in, at different times. So, does this then mean that you never upgrade or update? Absolutely not! Skills, marketing styles, sales channels and operational techniques might require an upgrade at one time or another but even when this happens, make sure it’s for the purpose of making your life and/or job easier and making your business more profitable. Otherwise, it would be classified under waste and loss.

What I am saying is this: never trade your depth and stability for constantly moving trends and ever changing times. Your depth and stability is what has brought you to the point you are at now; those hardly change with the times. Your character and values are NOT subject to trends. I do not suppose it makes sense to change from being an honest person to becoming a chancer, a thief or one who indulges in embezzlement or chicanery simply because times have changed and you have to move with it.

Here’s the point I’m making: when you are moving with the times, weigh the cost against your stability and your reputation. Consider if it is a worthy investment or not.
Do not short-change yourself by trading in both the long-term and the short-term for seasonal trends.

Remember this: Trends only last for a season!

Lead right and Live light


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