Who is a Leader?

Who is a Leader?

Leadership in my opinion is based upon the principle of being and doing. I truly do believe that in order to become an effective and influential leader, one has to be prepared and willing to ‘be’ so that their ‘doing’ produces results.

Leadership is a choice, just as most things in life. It is not a role you decide to practice in your spare time, an item of clothing you put on and take off at will, or a short cut to a successful life. I believe leadership is a truly humbling process, one that reveals who you really are. You do not have to be a corporate executive to be a leader, we operate in various leadership roles in our everyday lives as spouses, parents, business owners and team/group leaders. In my opinion, every person has an opportunity to exercise leadership in some form, whether over someone else or over your own self.

Leadership is a journey: the skills learnt, the mistakes made, the test of character, the courage, the techniques, the experience; these are all what makes one, a seasoned and great leader. It is the process of ‘being’ and then ‘doing’ that defines leadership for me.

“Are You Congruent?”

“Are You Congruent?”

It’s a funny question, isn’t it?  Congruent.  Now, I’m not talking geometry here. I’m talking about a concept that originally came from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing). 

In NLP, congruence is a name for that state in which every fiber of your being is in agreement.

According to Merriam-Webster, another definition of congruent is “being in agreement, harmony, or correspondence.”  

The way I use the word congruent, with clients, is to ask:

When you look at your day-to-day life, are you allocating your time and energy in a way that is congruent with your deepest priorities and values?

Too often, we “say” that certain things are important to us – and perhaps they truly are – but when we look, we find we spend countless hours and significant effort in arenas that are not the essential ones, often neglecting the exact areas that we claim are most vital!

Take, for example:

• The Entrepreneur who is so burdened with “doing it all” that she hasn’t read a book, or picked up her violin, or made a date to visit Dad in months…

• The Consultant and Mother who, between juggling clients, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and keeping the house just can’t squeeze in any extra time for exercise…

• The Executive who claims that quality time with his wife and children is his greatest joy, but who spends countless hours at the office, regularly encroaching on evening and weekend time…

It is so easy to lose sight of our own priorities. It feels like we must rush from this to that or else something terribly significant will fall through the cracks.  I call this the “tyranny of the seemingly urgent.” 

Granted, life is often busy and some things are truly urgent and critical. But there are also those seductive time-stealers that seem urgent, but are actually relatively unimportant, that is, they rob us of the time to attend to our more heartfelt values.


When we live from the position of “as soon as” – 

“As soon as I finish all the things on my list, then I’ll find time to …” 

– we ensure our own failure!  “As soon as” never comes.

So… if you were on your deathbed, looking back at your life, would you say that you are living in congruence with what was most deeply important to you?  What will you wish you had attended to, made time for, learned, accomplished?

It’s time to stop. Reassess.  Take your life by the reins.  Say no.  Say yes.  All in service to being congruent. 

I invite you to just move into an “observer” mode.  For a few weeks, just watch.  How are you spending your time?  Allocating your energy?  If life were over tomorrow, would you say that you had been living congruently with your highest priorities and values?   

If not, begin making change.  Start with one simple adjustment each week until the new “balance” is set… and just watch the rewards!

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Today’s blog post is from Barb Wade, a business coach and mentor. As a business leader who wants to move your business forward while enjoying a balanced lifestyle; Barb Wade is your go-to person. Visit her website at http://www.BarbWade.com
Moving with the Times?

Moving with the Times?

What exactly does this even mean when applied to leadership? How do you move with the times without dis-stabilising the very foundation and essence of your leadership?

For those who do not have depth in their leadership, this might not make much sense to you but for those leaders who do have depth and a stable foundation upon which they have built their leadership on, this will make truckloads of sense to you.

In my opinion, the idea of even creating ‘the times’ is in order to keep things new and fresh; the reason why one thing is in season today and then becomes obsolete the next is because things need to be kept appealing and less complex. The issue with this when applied to leadership is this: It gets tiring when you have to keep changing just to fit into a mould of what’s in and what’s not in, at different times. So, does this then mean that you never upgrade or update? Absolutely not! Skills, marketing styles, sales channels and operational techniques might require an upgrade at one time or another but even when this happens, make sure it’s for the purpose of making your life and/or job easier and making your business more profitable. Otherwise, it would be classified under waste and loss.

What I am saying is this: never trade your depth and stability for constantly moving trends and ever changing times. Your depth and stability is what has brought you to the point you are at now; those hardly change with the times. Your character and values are NOT subject to trends. I do not suppose it makes sense to change from being an honest person to becoming a chancer, a thief or one who indulges in embezzlement or chicanery simply because times have changed and you have to move with it.

Here’s the point I’m making: when you are moving with the times, weigh the cost against your stability and your reputation. Consider if it is a worthy investment or not.
Do not short-change yourself by trading in both the long-term and the short-term for seasonal trends.

Remember this: Trends only last for a season!

Lead right and Live light