Resourcefulness: What it really means!

Resourcefulness: What it really means!

Resourcefulness is the ability to deal with situations and complexities (old and/or new) with Readiness, Alertness and Skill; on a regular basis.

A brief look at Readiness, Alertness and Skill.

  • Readiness: A willingness and a preparedness to perform towards an agreed purpose, both on your own and with support from others.
  • Alertness: A state of awareness and an attitude of caution, while staying attentive and acting swiftly. In order to be alert, your state (mental & physical) and your attitude must be involved.
  • Skill: The ability to do something well as a result of experience gained, knowledge acquired, training received and most importantly; constant application.

Excerpt from my upcoming book: Leadership Maxims……..Sound Principles for Leadership Excellence

Lead right and Live light


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