2 Fundamental Elements to Becoming and Staying Prosperous

2 Fundamental Elements to Becoming and Staying Prosperous

Prosperity is an unspoken but deep desire of leaders. Every leader wants to flourish, do well, succeed, thrive and be profitable.

But here’s the thing; leaders work in different environments, they occupy diverse positions and carry out various functions. This could make it a bit tricky to actually come up with a ‘blue print’ for all leaders that will ensure their prosperity–or could it? Rather than go through every individual industry, business, institution, character model and what-nots; I’ll give you 2 fundamentals that any leader can apply in any environment in order to do well, succeed, thrive, flourish and be profitable. They are:

1. Prioritise – Make your values, principles and precepts your top priority and always keep them within reach. Let them be a reference mark and a filter point that helps to determine the kind of information you let in and the actions you take. Apply your mind to acquire information that aligns with your values, principles and precepts. Learn to prioritise your goals, your tasks and your daily activities. Prioritising helps you to function efficiently, gives more clarity and provides a well-defined structure for operation. Whatever your functions are as a leader, prioritising is your first step to being prosperous.

2. Ponder – Keep your values, principles, precepts and goals in your mind. Think about them carefully, consider them thoughtfully and weigh them thoroughly. Everything you are and now have, first existed in the mind: your behaviour, your organisation, your family, your business, your property, your products, your services, etc. The more you meditate on something, the more real it becomes. Pondering on who you want to become and what you want to achieve is a sure-fire way to become prosperous.

Start applying these fundamental elements in your personal and professional life today so that you can start to flourish, thrive and become more profitable with every passing day!

Lead right and Live light


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