Sift and Shift!

Sift and Shift!

Hello and welcome back from what I hope was a worthwhile weekend.

I started on information last week and I’ll be talking a bit more about it today. Let’s dive straight in!

The information you receive is guided by two factors; values and purpose. These two factors determine the ‘weight’ of the information you receive and its relevance to you.

Values and purpose act like a sift and shift process. Your values sifts the information that you receive, while your purposes shifts what is not relevant and retains what is relevant.

Purpose: The very reason you take in information is because there is a reason you need that information. This could be because of your current situation, condition position or role; past experiences you need to address/deal with; and an ongoing situation, condition, position or role. It could be for personal development reasons, educational purposes, entertainment needs or just purely for fun. Whatever your reason is for taking in and using information, you must realise that information plays a huge role in forming who you are and who you become. You are ultimately a result of the information you have taken in over the years and you’ll keep evolving, stagnating, improving or declining as a result of the information you will consistently expose yourself to; and retain.

Values: It acts as a filter to sift the information you receive. The soundness of your values will determine the soundness of the information that remains with you after the sifting process.

Your ability to sift and shift the information you receive will save you precious time in the long run plus you’ll also improve your communication, decision-making and conflict resolution skills.


Never take information for granted, it could mean the make or beak of some really crucial aspect of your personal and/or professional life.
Be sure to receive and retain information that clearly has a role to play in your life and that is relevant for your improvement and advancement.
Don’t be deceived, the information you receive and retain will either cause you to improve and advance or it will cause you to decline and stagnate!



Lead right and Live light


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