Work your Magic!

Work your Magic!

You’ve been given an opportunity; work your magic on it and turn it into something beautiful.

Leadership is an opportunity. An opportunity to show up and be relevant; an opportunity to improve yourself and those you lead; an opportunity to develop yourself and others; an opportunity to serve; an opportunity to transform challenges into results!

A leader is not an opportunist. Not an opportunist who shows up only to hustle others; not an opportunist who seeks to improve himself/herself at the expense of others; not an opportunist who is a chancer and a bottom feeder; not an opportunist who is domineering; not an opportunist who is a timeserver!

There is a really fat line between making use of an available opportunity and making yourself available only to be a user at the slightest opportunity. Making use of an opportunity causes you to work at bringing a transformation, not only to yourself but to someone else too. The latter however, makes you an opportunist.

Choose today to become a leader who uses his/her skills and qualities to improve the lives of others; for by doing so, you improve your own life as well. Determine within yourself to bring beauty into the environment where you lead. Use the qualities and the resources available to you (yours and that of your team) to produce outcomes of excellence, admiration and merit.

A transformation is what your organisation/business/institution/group/home needs, NOT a conformation!

Until next time, keep working your magic and keep transforming your sphere of influence into somewhere remarkable and extraordinary.

Stay blessed;



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