Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

LM Book

Hello everyone! I’m buzzing with excitement because my value packed book is about to make its way into virtual bookstores!

I’m pretty sure you can tell that I’m

 a bit excited!

Let me give you a brief introduction into the book. It is titled: Leadership Maxims and it is a book for leaders, on leadership. It outlines sound principles for exceptional leadership that is sure to: increase your worth and competence, create depth and stability for your leadership,  increase your influence…and so much more!

Whether you are a new leader or an experienced leader, you’ll definitely benefit from the amazing value this book offers.

I’ll see you next week, until then…

Lead right and Live light


Sift and Shift!

Sift and Shift!

Hello and welcome back from what I hope was a worthwhile weekend.

I started on information last week and I’ll be talking a bit more about it today. Let’s dive straight in!

The information you receive is guided by two factors; values and purpose. These two factors determine the ‘weight’ of the information you receive and its relevance to you.

Values and purpose act like a sift and shift process. Your values sifts the information that you receive, while your purposes shifts what is not relevant and retains what is relevant.

Purpose: The very reason you take in information is because there is a reason you need that information. This could be because of your current situation, condition position or role; past experiences you need to address/deal with; and an ongoing situation, condition, position or role. It could be for personal development reasons, educational purposes, entertainment needs or just purely for fun. Whatever your reason is for taking in and using information, you must realise that information plays a huge role in forming who you are and who you become. You are ultimately a result of the information you have taken in over the years and you’ll keep evolving, stagnating, improving or declining as a result of the information you will consistently expose yourself to; and retain.

Values: It acts as a filter to sift the information you receive. The soundness of your values will determine the soundness of the information that remains with you after the sifting process.

Your ability to sift and shift the information you receive will save you precious time in the long run plus you’ll also improve your communication, decision-making and conflict resolution skills.


Never take information for granted, it could mean the make or beak of some really crucial aspect of your personal and/or professional life.
Be sure to receive and retain information that clearly has a role to play in your life and that is relevant for your improvement and advancement.
Don’t be deceived, the information you receive and retain will either cause you to improve and advance or it will cause you to decline and stagnate!



Lead right and Live light




A very good morning to you and thanks for dropping in.

Over the next few weeks, I will be talking about things that I feel strongly about and also consider to be the realities of leadership.

We will start off by looking at a very basic yet vital element; Information. I’ll talk about the key things that relate to information and its relevance to our position and function as leaders.

Information is a very important part of our everyday life. As a leader, you depend on information in order for you to function and produce results. Information is needed in order for you to communicate well, make sound decisions, move from place to place, offer direction, manage change, handle conflicts, make profit, etc.

In recent times, we seem to be experiencing a huge overflow of information swirling around us. The amount of information going around could easily leave us overwhelmed or in some cases, almost drowning and barely staying afloat. It seems like the very thing that should be getting us out of stuck positions, confused states, stagnation and/or retrogression just seems to leave us more disoriented and totally perplexed. So, what can be done about the speed and intensity at which information is flying around? Personally, nothing! I am not going to start a one woman campaign to stop the flow of information. That would be highly unnecessary, futile and unwise. What I can do however, is to show you how to sift through information and also show you what you can do to determine which information is relevant and vital, for the improvement of your personal and professional life.

When it comes to information, there are two major things that matter and they are;

1. The quality of information you receive.

2. What you do with the information you receive.

We’ll continue next week.

Until then keep on; leading right and living light

Coach Belinda

Creator of the Seasoned Leadership Model

Work your Magic!

Work your Magic!

You’ve been given an opportunity; work your magic on it and turn it into something beautiful.

Leadership is an opportunity. An opportunity to show up and be relevant; an opportunity to improve yourself and those you lead; an opportunity to develop yourself and others; an opportunity to serve; an opportunity to transform challenges into results!

A leader is not an opportunist. Not an opportunist who shows up only to hustle others; not an opportunist who seeks to improve himself/herself at the expense of others; not an opportunist who is a chancer and a bottom feeder; not an opportunist who is domineering; not an opportunist who is a timeserver!

There is a really fat line between making use of an available opportunity and making yourself available only to be a user at the slightest opportunity. Making use of an opportunity causes you to work at bringing a transformation, not only to yourself but to someone else too. The latter however, makes you an opportunist.

Choose today to become a leader who uses his/her skills and qualities to improve the lives of others; for by doing so, you improve your own life as well. Determine within yourself to bring beauty into the environment where you lead. Use the qualities and the resources available to you (yours and that of your team) to produce outcomes of excellence, admiration and merit.

A transformation is what your organisation/business/institution/group/home needs, NOT a conformation!

Until next time, keep working your magic and keep transforming your sphere of influence into somewhere remarkable and extraordinary.

Stay blessed;