The Rise and Dip Leader (contd.)

The Rise and Dip Leader (contd.)

Hello everyone, last week we briefly looked at how you can lead from a place of authority (i.e. become a rise leader). Today I’ll be talking briefly about being a dip leader.

First, what do I mean by becoming a dip leader?

I mean to lead by example. I also mean for you to make a conscious and deliberate effort to ‘enter’ your team members’ world.

Leadership involves action and sacrifice which I interpret as: service.If you really want to see your team members perform and/or you really want to extend the longevity of your organisation, you need to: roll up your sleeves and get to work!

At this level, two key things are important.

a.) Spending valuable time with them: be careful not to discharge or dismiss every under-performance as gross incompetence or negligence. Take the time to find out if: the necessary resources are available, there is a conflict of values, there is an awareness and understanding of tasks that need to be carried out, etc. Also, be sure to clearly relay (or reiterate as the case may be) the vision, mission and values of your organisation from time to time—to make sure that you are all on the same ‘page’ and that you all are heading in the same direction.

b.) Be willing to listen: recognise that with your position, there is only so much you can notice or acknowledge. You are human and you have blind spots too. If you want to really bring your team into your world so that you can greatly influence them and lead them to success, you must be willing to take a trip into their own world. People are more tuned in to listen to you and do what you want, if they feel like they have been listened to. Remember this: they are making an investment in your organisation and they–consciously or unconsciously–expect a return on their investment (financially and psychologically). They also want to feel safe with the knowledge and assurance that no one is taking advantage of them.

The essence of being a rise and dip leader is so that you can greatly influence your team for success, by reaching out to them, so that you can then pull them up with you and lead them in the right direction towards: achieving set goals, steadily improving productivity and regularly increasing profits!

Lead right and live light


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