The Rise and Dip Leader

The Rise and Dip Leader

A massive welcome and a heartfelt thanks to those who have recently joined us.

We looked at preservation last time and the systems that need to be put in place, in order for preservation to take its course.

Today, I’ll be talking about how to be the kind of leader who can create the right environment that will improve and extend the existence of an organisation (i.e. the kind of leader who facilitates preservation). The kind of leader who not only keeps an organisation in existence but also makes sure that it thrives during its existence. I’ll try as much as possible to make this as brief as I can because there is just so much to cover…let’s dive right in.

The key to becoming the kind of leader mentioned above is this: Become a ‘rise’ and ‘dip’ leader!

As a leader, you will do well to recognise that your leadership is made up of ‘rise’ and ‘dip’ moments and it is these moments that encapsulate your role as a leader. Your acknowledgement, understanding and use of these moments is vital for the very existence of your organisation and it also determines what kind of organisation you’ll have while it’s in existence.

So, what do I mean by a ‘rise’ and ‘dip’ leader?

A rise and dip leader is one who knows HOW and WHEN to:

Rise: lead from a place of authority by providing direction and taking control of organisational/group/business affairs. At this level, two key things are relevant.

a.) Identify and purge your team of harmful and undesirable practices (and maybe even carriers) that negatively affect your reputation and that of your organisation

b.) Empower your team by moving them from a place of limitation to a place of advantage.

We’ll continue from here next week, until then

Lead right and live light


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