I reckon we’ve talked quite a bit about performance in the past few weeks, so this week, we’ll move on to: Preservation (please refer to previous posts if you do not know what I’m talking about)

To the best of my professional knowledge, every functional organisation has preservation as part of their goal—whether the organisation wishes to be in existence on a short-term basis or on a long-term basis.

What exactly is preservation? The dictionary defines preservation as keeping alive or in existence.

In accordance with this definition, that is something every organisation (big or small) is set up to do. Every organisation is formed/set up/established so that they can exist, to fulfill a purpose.

I’ll personally define preservation as the deliberate act of staying alive for the purpose of production and reproduction (increase or multiplication)

How can you do this effectively you might ask?

I’ve tried to summarize the answer to that in three words, namely: management, maintenance and protection.

In order for an organisation (business, group, team or institution alike) to remain in existence, these three systems are absolutely necessary; every organisation needs to have them.

  • Management system – direction regarding where the organisation is headed and control in handling the affairs of that organisation. The key words here are Direction and Control.
  • Maintenance system – this involves taking care of your organisation; making sure that your organisation runs smoothly and remains healthy. This means making sure that your organisation keeps growing and advancing towards achieving its goals and vision. This system also involves keeping the organisation well supplied and ensuring that the teams are adequately supported. The key words here are Growth, Advancement, Supply and Support.
  • Protection system – this involves keeping your organisation free from harm, injury, decline, chaos and/or loss. Every organisation should be capable of setting up a system that protects its assets, resources, innovations and reputation because these are the very things that determine the performance, growth and productivity of your organisation.


  1. Take a look at your organisation—is there a preservation consciousness and/or mind-set?
  2. If you answered yes to the question above, check that the systems you have in place are well aligned with those listed above.
  3. If you answered no to number 1, roll up your sleeves and inject a preservation consciousness and/or mind-set into your organisation, it’ll do you a lot of good.

We’ll continue next week but until then,

Lead right and live light


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