Intentional Performance

Intentional Performance

Hello everyone, I hope you had a productive week last week and you are looking forward to an even better one this week!

Before I get started on the topic for today, I’d like to take the time to welcome everyone who has just joined this community. Welcome to you all and thanks for joining in, your presence here is hugely appreciated.

We’ve been talking about performance and last week we talked about the ‘WHAT’ of performance: the meaning of performance and the factors responsible for achieving or improving performance.

Today we’ll be looking at the ‘HOW’ of performance: the process required to achieve and/or improve performance.

I believe you now know what performance means as well as the factors responsible for the improvement, stagnation or decline of performance.

Moving forward, let’s delve into the ‘HOW’ of performance i.e. the process required for functionality (performance) to be attained. This singular yet powerful process is very vital in order for most (if not all) things to be accomplished. This process is none other than: PLANNING! Yes, good old planning!

Let me briefly define what it means to plan. Inspired by the dictionary, here is my definition of planning: Planning is a deliberate process that involves an outline of a detailed and decisive method, that is developed in advance for; projects, events, goals, actions or mission(s)

You might have heard the saying: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. In my opinion, this means that the very act of not planning is a plan in itself. It’s like choices or decision making; your inability to choose or make a decision is a choice or a decision in itself (I wish I had the time now to expatiate on this but maybe next time)

For optimum performance to be reached, you have to plan! Let me rephrase that: You need to plan in order for you to function effectively – period!

As you know, performance in an organisation is not a one-off; it’s a constant part of the everyday work life, it is the ‘fuel’ that keeps organisations ‘running’. Performance is not just a few activities here and there; it’s a myriad of functions geared towards productivity and results. This goes without saying that performance is an essential part of your organisation (and even your personal life), one that you cannot ignore, one that contributes immensely to the very existence of your leadership and ultimately – your organisation.

Planning for performance means that you have deliberately drafted a detailed and decisive outline, well in advance of: your purpose, specific actions and efficient implementation of your actions (if you’re a bit lost, please refer to the performance post)

I’ll stop here for today but I’d like for you to do this exercise this week: think of a task/action/project/activity/goal where you require optimum performance. Take out a sheet of paper and start planning, using the three factors necessary for performance (definite purpose, specific actions and efficiency) as a guide.

We’ll continue next week. Until then;

Lead right and live light


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