Hello everyone, I believe you’ve had a good start to your week and you still have reasons to keep your smile on!

We’ll be talking about performance today. Remember the 2 P’s we talked about in the last two posts? Performance and Preservation? We’ll be talking about one of those P’s today.

First, let’s look at what performance is as this will help us understand its importance, relevance and/or benefits better.

Performance in my opinion means – the ability to function in a manner that makes good use of time and effort in order to produce a desired outcome.

The word performance mostly involves the ability to function – performance can hardly be called performance if there is no functionality involved. I particularly love the dictionary definition of function because it clearly states what function is, with some key words that stand out and these key words are: action, activity, purpose and design.

When put together, we can define performance this way: to efficiently carry out specific actions that will produce a clearly designed outcome or fulfil a definite purpose.

Performance is not just about carrying out random activities, it involves you:

  1. Having a clearly designed outcome or a definite purpose
  2. Engaging in specific actions (actions relevant to your clearly designed outcome)
  3. Carrying out those actions efficiently

From the above definition and list, it is clear to see what elements need to be introduced and/or fine-tuned in order for you to achieve or improve performance as the case may be.

We’ll talk more about performance in the next post. Until then,


Lead right and live light


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