Good medicine

Good medicine

Hello and how are you today?  Hope your week’s been productive so far.

I thought I’d share something different today, something from a previous post.

Life can often get too busy that we get carried away and forget how to relax and take in a dose of laughter; the absolutely free, light-hearted ‘medication’ that does so much more for our souls than we realise.

Let me ask………when was the last time you had a real, good, hearty laugh? You know the one I mean; the one that sends tears rolling down your cheeks, the one that makes you almost wet yourself……. Yes, that kind of laughter!

In the midst of all the pressures and everyday issues, there is always something around you that can trigger such laughter, if you’ll just sit back, relax and look around you and/or within you, you’d find a really good reason to make you laugh.

A good laugh leaves you feeling lighter and relaxed, so go ahead and release some tension right now as you read this and make yourself happy- you’ll get on better with yourself and even others!


So go on…….laugh your way to your well-being and  to a lighter life!


Lead right and live light


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