How to stay motivated as a leader

How to stay motivated as a leader

Motivation is one thing that leaders need to keep them going on their passionate journey of leadership. So how can a leader stay motivated? I’ve got one answer: Compassion. Your leadership should be a picture of compassion in action. Everyone could do with some of that. A bit of tenderness, a bit of humaneness, a bit of consideration. Simply put – a bit of heart really. As a leader, it is really vital to have compassion. Remember, you are not running a one man show. At every point in your leadership ‘walk’, you’ll be relating with people whether in large or minute numbers. Leading as a role is not about going all ‘sergeant-major’ on your team, It is about relating with your team members and communicating clearly your mission and goals to them. It is about working together to get beneficial results that can be celebrated. It is about ensuring that your team members know that they are instrumental to reaching/attaining the set goal(s).

When team members are made aware of this, they give a bit more towards the success of the team. They are much more compelled to move to another level of commitment where they’ll give 101%. You need to understand that your team members are not just numbers or even robots with skills, they are human beings with a heart and mind. Tyranny, cruelty and meanness does not drive your team to a high level of productivity, compassion does.

Well I am not that kind of person you might say, I just get on with my job and get my team on the go, go, go, regardless of who gets trodden down on the way. I’ve got news for you: everyone has compassion. Everyone’s been given the same amount of compassion to give away. Compassion is not about feeling sorry for people (that doesn’t go very far does it?), it’s way more than that. It’s about responding to the needs of people, it’s about doing something. Compassion springs one into action and action produces results!

How then can I get this compassion or rather bring it to light? Simple: You activate it. You call it up, you energize it and you stir it up. Become more aware of yourself: your thoughts and actions. Do not relate with the skills and techniques of your team members only, instead relate with them as people who have skills and techniques that you need. So there you have it. Go on, keep yourself motivated.

To your motivation,


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