How to get Consistent Results

How to get Consistent Results

Results: this is one word that motivates leaders to do what they do. It is what brings the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment for leaders, it is what every leader wants. How much though are we really willing to give in order for us to see the kind of amazing results we desire. Like I always say, leadership is a choice, what makes you a leader and keeps you a leader are the choices you make. Leadership is a lifestyle, one that is lived out in your day to day life. Having this lifestyle does not come automatically to leaders, it is one that must be cultivated, it is one that involves discipline, sacrifice and effort.

You have to choose to commit yourself to your leadership, it needs to take first place, you need to give your attention to it because it is the essence of who you are as an individual (see my post on: My take on Leadership). Being a leader is not seasonal, it is a daily commitment that you have to continue in. The moment you stop doing that, you start drifting away from your growth process and ultimately, from being a true leader.

In order to get consistent results, here are the things you need to do:

1. Make a decision right now to commit yourself to your leadership

2. Surround yourself with people and information that is profitable to your growth

3. Listen to people who have what you desire and need. Listen to them on your ipad, ipod, phone, mp3, etc, do this every chance you get, as often as you can; while getting dressed, on your way to work, preparing meals, exercising, cleaning, before you go to bed.

Please remember, do not get yourself to the place of overload and overwhelm. Be disciplined enough to stay focused and go for what is necessary for your own journey.

TASK: Pick a skill that you need to learn or improve on, one that is essential for YOU as a leader. Follow the three steps listed above and continue in them diligently for the next 21 days.

Enjoy the results, you’ve earned it!

To your leadership success,


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