Growth Redefined

Growth Redefined

Hi there everyone and a very good morning to you all. Nice to be able to share with you after my short break. 

I’ll be sharing on growth today, which is not alien to leaders obviously. Growth is the one thing leaders at all levels should pursue at their different levels of leadership. It is what keeps leaders fresh, inspired, etc. I guess what I am trying to stress here is the importance of growth and development.

As you progress in your leadership journey, your growth evolves and you come to realize that the growth of your fellow leaders is as essential as your own growth. It is important for leaders to know that if they are to get any real result in their business then all leaders within the same organisation/institution have to grow together. Real, solid success does not come from “yeah I’ve done my own part, I have invested in my growth and development, its too bad that others haven’t”. Leadership does not work that way, leaders within the same organisation/institution need to have the goal of their organisation in mind at all times and should make their actions line up with it.

It is very vital for leaders to recognize this: all leaders within the same organisation/business/institution are all working towards the same goal, they are a part of each other (i.e. they are the various parts that forms the whole), working for a common good. 

Take for instance an executive in an organisation who has invested towards their growth and development and is applying some ‘ground-breaking’ strategies that is producing results in their team/department. Even though that department is doing well, it will not rule out the strife, contention and division that would arise, which will in turn affect the overall performance and productivity of the whole organisation. The truth is: you cannot do it alone, your organisation will not thrive with a ‘one man show’. It is the joint effort of every ‘part’ working together that makes the success sweet and enjoyed by all. 

Listed below are the problems that unavoidably arise from a ‘stand alone’ growth:

1. Contention

2. Conflict

3. Division

4. Stress

5. A decline in productivity

6. A decline in profit


1. Continue your growth process and encourage and support other leaders to do the same.

This might seem so simple but it is the one secret to accelerating the growth process of your organisation which will in turn boost your productivity and profits greatly. Plus it encourages a conflict-free, stress-free environment where everyone can contribute their own measure to the overall success of the business.

When leaders are able to operate on this level of growth, true and real maturity is reached.

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