The Next Level

The Next Level

Good morning to you. I believe you had a good weekend, well I did (in case you wanted to know) really busy but good. 

I’d like to share something with you today that I’ve noticed for some time now.  There seems to be a shift happening in different organisations. I do not know if it has to do with it being the last months of the year (i.e. tidying things up before the year ends) or not but whatever the case is, I can sense a shift and a need for change, happening in various organisations. A yearning for something more (from the leaders and team members) and a readiness and willingness from the leaders to take their team to the next level.

In the midst of all this, there is also something some leaders are faced with: Drought and a season of Nothingness.

Nothingness: No bad, no good, no wrong, no right, downright pettiness……just nothing.

The drought could be a decline in commitment, enthusiasm, growth, development, etc of team members or employees. It could even be a decrease in the number of your team members and/or employees as a result of relocation, retirement, new births, losses, incompetence or plain old “I’ve had enough of this job”. Whatever the case may be, realize that people will always come and go, some with valid reasons and others with not so valid reasons. 

As a leader experiencing this season, this is the time for a restructuring, a time to implement new things, a time for a reinvention. Not a time to sit and wallow and yank your hair out unproductively, but a time to take stock of the journey so far and do something to make the journey ahead productive.

The simple solution is a change: a change in the way things are done, a change in expectations and above all a change in  attitudes and perceptions (both team members/employees and leaders). Change is one thing that is bound to happen whether we want it to or not, we may not like it or even respond well to it but that will not stop it from occurring.

If you need to hire professional help for this (which I strongly advice) then do so because an outside perspective might be all you need, more so if its from a professional. 

Below are some steps to follow, to turn your drought and nothingness to productivity and abundance:

1. Review the (organisation/team) mission

2. Revisit the vision

3. Identify where your team/organisation is at the moment

4. Identify what the next level is and what needs to be done to get to the next level

5. Review the policies, procedures, rules, regulations and adjust them accordingly to fit with the updated mission and vision

6. Make provision for continuous development for yourself and your team 

7. Have a structure in place for how your organisation/team should function

7. Seek ongoing support and help from a mentor, coach, consultant, etc

8. Implement the changes by communicating it to your team effectively 

Theses are the basic steps you should follow to implement changes. Ask for help and support if you need it and remember when it seems like everyone is walking away and nothing seems to be happening, that is the time to implement change. Those who have remained are there because there is still some passion and loyalty left, work with what you have, it might seem not enough but trust me, its just enough to get you to the next level.


To your higher level of success,





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