Get in line with your mission

Get in line with your mission

As a leader, your ultimate mission is to lead. That is a simple definition of what your ‘assignment’, ‘calling’ or mission is: to lead. One of the principal things you need all through your leadership journey is undoubtedly courage. Courage to start your journey,  courage to see your mistakes as an opportunity for growth and the courage to not give up when you have done all you know to do and things aren’t just going the way you want them. Courage is one thing you cannot do without as a leader, it’s the ‘steroid’ you need to keep you going (I’ll talk more in detail about courage in a future blog).

In order to get in line with your mission:

1. You have to work from where you are with what you have.

2. Do not eliminate yourself from opportunities because of a limitation.

3. Do not wait for your situation to line up with your mission because you might never get anything accomplished.

The 4 C’s that get you aligned with your mission:

1. Confidence: confidence is absolutely important for leadership. It is the first, middle and ongoing characteristic a leader should possess. ”Confidence is the soil upon which your tree of leadership is planted” – Me.

2. Contentment: you need to be content with where you are and what you have. Do not weigh yourself down by wishing you had someone else’s resources. It wastes time, It’s not productive, it encourages self-pity and it leaves you angry and bitter. If you have the  means to update yourself or get some resources then do so. If you don’t, then start from where you are. Don’t give the excuse of you not having what ‘A’ or ‘B’ has, that excuse will come back later to bite you in the rear.

3. Courage: courage takes discipline and sacrifice (two key words that we seem to have thrown out the window). You also need to say the right things while exhibiting courage, this is where positive self-talk and affirmations come into play. However without action and discipline, your positive self-talk will only be a feel good motion with zero results.

4. Concentration/Focus: focus produces energy. It builds strength and belief in your mission. It is necessary for direction and it guides your action. Focus drives you and lines up your thoughts and actions so that your mission is  fulfilled.

True and radical leaders work from where they are and are not intimidated by their present situation, state or condition. Instead, they make the situation better because of the way they move. The choice to be confident, content, courageous and focused is what makes this possible (i.e. the situation better). It is that choice that opens your eyes to opportunities and gives you the strength (mental and physical) to convert opportunities to success stories.

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