My take on Leadership

My take on Leadership

Leadership in my opinion is based upon the principle of being and doing. I truly do believe that in order to become an effective and influential leader, one has to be prepared and willing to ‘be’ so that their ‘doing’ produces results.

Leadership is a choice, just as most things in life. It is not a role you decide to practice in your spare time, an item of clothing you put on and take off at will, or a short cut to a successful life. I believe leadership is a truly humbling process, one that reveals who you really are. You do not have to be a corporate executive to be a leader, we operate in various leadership roles in our everyday lives as spouses, parents, business owners and team/group leaders. In my opinion, every person has an opportunity to exercise leadership in some form, whether over someone else or over your own self.

Leadership is a journey: the skills learnt, the mistakes made, the test of character, the courage, the techniques, the experience; these are all what makes one, a seasoned and great leader. It is the process of ‘being’ and then ‘doing’ that defines leadership for me.

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